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CDI Careers Framework
August 29, 2016

Across the education and employment sectors there is whole hearted agreement that young people need high quality careers support to help set them on the road to a fulfilling working life. Schools and colleges are at the heart of putting that into place, and rely on other partners, including employers, universities, apprenticeship providers and careers advisers, to contribute practical experiences, information, insight and inspiration.

International evidence highlights that, for all of those efforts to be fully effective, the activities need to be coherent and carefully planned and integrated into a programme of careers, employability and enterprise education, with clear and explicit learning outcomes.

The Career Development Institute, thas developed a framework of learning outcomes to support the shared endeavour of planning, delivering and evaluating high quality careers work. http://www.thecdi.net/

What is the purpose of the framework? It has been developed principally for use in England where there is no longer a national curriculum framework for careers, employability and enterprise education, but it could also be a useful resource in other parts of the UK to supplement their national frameworks.

The framework of learning outcomes has been prepared by the Career Development Institute to support the planning, delivery and evaluation of careers, employability and enterprise education for children and young people. The framework is structured around the three core aims of:

  • Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education
  • Learning about careers and the world of work
  • Developing your career management, employability and enterprise skills

The framework presents learning outcome statements for students across seventeen important areas of careers, employability and enterprise learning. These statements show progression from Key Stage 2 through to post-16 education and training. It also offers examples of suggested activities that will help students to achieve the learning outcomes.

Who is this framework for? This framework is for:

  • career leaders and other curriculum leaders responsible for planning, reviewing and developing programmes of careers, employability and enterprise education
  • teachers and tutors teaching careers, employability and enterprise lessons and providing information, advice and support
  • ubject teachers making links between their schemes of work and careers, employability and enterprise education
  • senior leaders responsible for the overall strategy for careers, employability and enterprise education
  • career advisers, enterprise advisers, employers and other individuals working with schools and colleges to contribute to careers, employability and enterprise education.

To access the framework Click Here

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