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Computing Disciplines in Canada: A Quick Guide for Prospective Students and Career Advisors

The field of computing has expanded rapidly over the past 10 years, and students need more information about the field and its related careers.

In reality, there is no single computing discipline but at least five. Including different sub-specialities, there are dozens of possible computing educational paths for prospective students.

This guide, produced by Mount Royal University in Canada and funded by CERIC, outlines the five computing disciplines identified by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and how the disciplines relate to specific job titles and tasks. Information about additional training and specializations are also provided along with links to Canadian occupational information resources.

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AbilityNet Expert Resources
November 11, 2017

AbilityNet is a leading global authority on the use of digital technology to help disabled people.

Our free expert resources are of use to people with any disability of any age, as well as their employers, family, friends, colleagues and anyone else with an interest in helping disabled people achieve their goals.

Resources include:
  • Factsheets
  • Webinars
  • Digital Accessibility Resources

Visit the Website – CLICK HERE

Acas Learning OnLine
November 9, 2017

Free Acas Learning OnLine modules provide a useful e-learning resource for anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge and improve their approach to employment relations issues.

Through a series of online courses, you will have the opportunity to work through the theory, explore practical case studies, and test your knowledge through interactive questions and a test.

Acas Learning OnLine packages are particularly useful for managers, supervisors and anyone responsible for improving business or operational performance.

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Can Business Games and Enterprise Competitions Help Prepare Young People for Work?
November 9, 2017

How can business games and enterprise competitions, like mini-enterprises and ‘design and make’ simulations, help prepare young people for the world of work?

This paper provides evidence on business games and enterprise competitions to help schools, colleges and providers of careers and enterprise programmes use the evidence to shape the programmes they are running and developing.

The evidence suggests that business games and enterprise competitions can have a significant and observable impact on cognitive abilities, employability and personal skills and career readiness.

In the report:

Introducing the need for greater levels of employer involvement in education, why there is a need for business games and enterprise competitions and how they prepare young people for the world of work.

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Employer Guide to Supporting Care Leavers in the Workplace
November 3, 2017

The Learning & Work Institute has produced a guide for employers on how they can support care leavers in the workplace.

Care leavers are young people who have been looked after by the state, some for all of their childhood, and have subsequently left the care system or are in the process of doing so. Whilst some young people have excellent experiences of the care system and receive consistent and effective support, far too many do not, and, as a result, face difficulties and disadvantage throughout their lives.

The aim of this guide is to highlight ways in which employers of all sizes, and from all sectors of the economy, can make a difference in supporting care leavers to develop the skills, experience and confidence they need to gain, stay and progress in work. By providing opportunities and offering sensitive and effective support, employers can enable care leavers to break down barriers to employment and support them to achieve their potential. In return, employers will benefit from fresh new talent, that bring different skills and perspectives to their businesses.

To download the guide: CLICK HERE

Ofqual New Online Handbook
October 14, 2017

The Ofqual handbook is now live

Ofqual has published a preview version of the Ofqual handbook, a new online resource that brings together all their general rules and guidance. 

The handbook can be found here, as well as from the Ofqual homepage and our awarding organisation portal.

Ofqual will be gathering feedback on this new format for the rest of the year, before taking decisions on roll-out early in 2018.

How Work-Ready are Your Students?
October 13, 2017

A free toolkit has been launched to help schools target their careers provision more effectively and determine which students need additional support to help prepare them for today’s workplace. Dr Elnaz Kashefpakdel explains.

The link between schools and the world of work is a hotly debated subject. A survey from the CBI and Pearson published in July stated: “Well over half of all firms fear that there will not be enough people available with the skills needed to fill their high-skilled jobs.”

The problem doesn’t end there. Research from the charity Education and Employers (Contemporary Transitions, January 2017) shows that more than half of young adults (53 per cent) wished their schools had better prepared them for the world of work. Just under half (47 per cent) would have liked more support in how to find out what different jobs require in terms of skills, attitudes and qualifications.

In the CBI report, businesses acknowledge that they have a responsibility to help prepare young people for employment. Likewise, schools are rising to the challenge of improving careers guidance, too. But funding and resourcing these activities when budgets are tight is a real issue.

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EMPRA Careers Resources
September 19, 2017

EMPRA (Education Marketing & PR Agency) is an award-winning, full-service PR and communications agency working exclusively in the education sector.

They work with schools, colleges, universities, academies, free schools and university technical colleges (UTC)  helping clients to recruit more students, gain more business, or build a bigger and better reputation.

They also have a website and magazine full of information, advice and guidance on careers and hints and tips on CV writing etc,

Click the link o visit their website https://www.future-mag.co.uk/news?category=Careers

To access their magazine Click Here

Carer’s Allowance Leaflets, Posters & Employer Guidance
September 12, 2017

The Learning & Work Institute in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions and members of the National Policy Forum for Young Adult Carers have developed a range of posters and leaflets.

They are designed for learning providers and carers services to raise awareness amongst young adult carers of the rules on claiming Carer’s Allowance and studying full-time. If a young person’s course involves less than 21 hours of supervised study a week, they may still be eligible for Carer’s Allowance.

To access these resources Click Here

They have also produced a guide which aims to help employers provide support for young adult carers to gain and stay in work. It tells employers who young adult carers are, the benefits of supporting young adult carers in the workplace, and includes practical information, resources and case studies which demonstrate the types of support employers can offer to young adult carers.

To access this guid Click Here

“Fast-Paced” and “Flexible:” What Job Descriptions Really Mean
September 6, 2017

An interesting article giving potential job hunters an insight into what statements within job descriptions may really mean!

Sometimes job descriptions are as vague and frustrating – leaving you with more questions than answers.

What does “willing to be flexible” really mean?

What does the day of a “master multitasker” actually entail?

And what are you getting yourself into in a “fast-paced, high-intensity” environment?

Sometimes, these phrases are harmless, but others, well, let’s just say it pays to read between the lines a little bit.

A recruitment consultant from a Toronto-based executive search firm provided the scoop on what these cryptic bullet points may really mean. Read on for a quick translation guide—plus what you should ask during an interview to make sure you uncover any major red flags.

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