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Governors Role in Supporting CEIAG
February 25, 2017

Governors have a critical role in supporting students to access high-quality Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance CEIAG. Statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education in March 20151 states that the governing body must ‘ensure that all registered pupils at the school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 8 (12-13 year olds) to year 13 (17-18 year olds)’ and ‘must ensure that the independent careers guidance provided:

  • is presented in an impartial manner;
  • includes information on the range of
  • education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways;
  • is guidance that the person giving it considers will promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given

To download a resource leaflet which includes

  • an Apprenticeship checklist for Governors
  • a Governors Powerpoint Presentation
  • a case study, and
  • access to resources to help explain and promote apprenticeships within schools.

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