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Interesting Government Announcements
January 5, 2018

Following last month’s Industrial Strategy we thought we would highlight a couple of interesting announcements.

Government announced a new National Retraining Partnership which to the casual observer looks like a very European-style social partnership with government entering into a formal skills partnership with the TUC and CBI, to develop the National Retraining Scheme. Together they will help set the strategic priorities and will work with new Skills Advisory Panels to ensure that local economies’ needs are reflected. The construction and digital sectors will be prioritised and given our regions need for the former (we have an ageing workforce and major growth forecast) and the new digital jobs developments this is interesting news and just how it works in practice will be worth watching. As a start the government will invest £30 million to test the use of Artificial intelligence and innovative EdTech in online digital skills courses.  There will also be new employer-designed courses in construction and digital.Also announced was the continuation of support for at least 2 more years for Unionlearn, an organisation of the Trades Union Congress which boosts learning in the workplace.

Both of these announcements do show some commitment towards learning at work which given the inevitable impact of digitalisation and an ageing workforce will be much needed.

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