[eyesonly logged=”out”]┬áSome people describe this as the ‘Information Age’, and it is true that information is easier than it has ever been for people to access. Google and similar search engines make information accessible to anyone who can get on-line.

The truth is, to many people there is information overload.

The importance of being able to get the right information, and making sure it is in a context that we can understand and (most importantly) be able to use effectively, is so important.

The IAG Online site is a resource for those people who are providing Information, Advice and Guidance and need to keep abreast of news and latest developments.

Every working day the IAG Online team search through websites, Twitter etc to find and share the most relevant posts, articles and news items with subscribers. In doing so we aim to:

  • Keep subscribers informed about the developments within, but not exclusively,┬áthe careers and employability sectors both in the UK and Internationally,
  • Help keep subscriber’s professional development knowledge current,
  • Support business performance by sharing the latest thinking on topics such as leadership, customer service, employee engagement,
  • Enable subscribers to access relevant resources to use with clients / customers, and
  • Much more.

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