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Employment Law: A Guide to Ten Legal Changes in the Workplace

The information in the following article by Hayley Marles, Senior Associate – DAS Law may be of help when working with employers.

This year is set to be a busy year for employment law. From post-Brexit immigration rule changes and gender pay gap reporting to age discrimination at work, employers are faced with amended employment laws and new deadlines for their organisation to meet.  

Ten important areas of the law that HR professionals and business owners need to be aware of…

1: Increase in National Minimum Wage rates

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) increase in April 2019: Read more

Hints & Tips: 7 Questions to Ask at Your Second Interview
May 1, 2019

Hints & Tips for a client ask to a second interview by the Michael Page team

You’ve impressed your prospective employer with your CV, demonstrated a strong understanding of the organisation, asked all the right questions during your first interview, and now you’ve received a callback for a second interview.

If you’ve been asked to return for a follow-up interview, it shows the employer is genuinely considering you for the position. However, it’s far from being a done deal: the second interview is often where your prospective employer is really going to gauge how well you’ll fit into the organisation, and more likely than not, the interviewer will be tossing up between multiple candidates.

The follow-up interview is your chance to stand out, and prove you’re the obvious choice for the job. And one of the best ways to demonstrate this is by asking the right second interview questions. You should also see this as an opportunity to vet your employer in order to get an idea of the company’s future directions, to understand exactly what the company’s expectations are for this role and adjust your own expectations accordingly. Read more