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Three Questions to Ask Your Clients When They Feel Overwhelmed by Career Choices
June 6, 2019

“Do what you love” is career advice that’s easy to give, but notoriously hard to follow.

For one thing, we can’t always accurately predict what kind of job we’ll love until we’re actually doing it. For another, we may love doing a lot of things: solving math problems, helping others, interior decorating, eating pie, playing with dogs. That doesn’t exactly help narrow down the field.

“Asking clients what do you want is in many ways the wrong question,” Sheena Iyengar, a Columbia Business School professor and author of The Art of Choosing, said at the Indeed Interactive conference in Austin, Texas, this May. “You get a bazillion options.”

There are far better queries that can be made when trying to choose a career path, according to Iyengar’s research. Here are three questions to ponder in order to help clients select the profession that’s right for them, whether they’re preparing to enter the workforce for the first time or mulling a career change.

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ESFA Update: 5 June 2019

Latest information and actions from the Education and Skills Funding Agency for academies, schools, colleges, local authorities and further education providers.

Four-Letter Verdict on Colossal Europeasn Social Fund Blunder

In what one ESFA official is alleged to have called a “f*ck up of epic proportions”, all 80 training providers in receipt of around £300 million of European Social Funding are being investigated after funding claim “discrepancies” were discoveredEuropean Social Fund Logo.

As a result, contract compliance for the 2014 to 2020 ESF programme has been thrown into doubt.

In early April the ESFA wrote to providers with concerns that evidence was missing from learner files. FE Week has seen a copy of the ESF contract which states that where a learner is enrolled on to a course involving a regulated qualification, then the “evidence requirement” for a start payment is registration to an awarding body. Read more