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Planning your matrix Review Assessment?
May 4, 2017

If your matrix 3-year assessment review is due within the next 6 months you need to be thinking about submitting a booking form so that your matrix Assessor can begin to work with you to plan your review assessment. To access the booking form Click Here

If you are unsure of when you 3-year anniversary date is, please check the date on your matrix certificate or give Assessment Services a call on +44 (0)20 3880 5059 or email  matrix@assessmentservices.com, and the team can check for you. It is important that your review assessment takes place as close to your anniversary date as possible.

If you have members of your team who are new to matrix, then they may find our next matrix webinar interesting. It is on 27th June at 6pm to register Click Here

Below is just a snapshot of the feedback we have received from customers who have had their 3-year review assessment in the last 6 weeks.

Q. How satisfied are you with the benefits your organisation gained from the assessment?
  1. Points came out for us to action within the college to continue to improve – Private College
  2. Has refocused our improvement activity – Training Provider
  3. We have been through a lot of change so this has helped staff see that positive progress has been made – Local Authority Service
Q. How satisfied are you with the benefits your information, advice & guidance service gained from the assessment?
  1. There were hidden benefits, for example, some staff members had not seen each other for a while as they are based in different teams so this assessment brought them together. It was also nice to hear so many positive comments which staff made about the service as we have been through a lot of change. – Training Provider
  2. As a learning organisation, the matrix assessment is critical to us, for funding and demonstrating quality – 3rd Sector Organisation
  3. John, our Assessor, has made some suggestions which are very useful and we look forward to discussing these further at our next staff-day – Housing Association
  4. It demonstrated the effectiveness of the QA process in place and clearly highlighted how we can improve IAG further still, with concrete recommendations to focus on in key areas, within the next year – Charitable Trust
Q. What would you highlight as the best aspect of your assessment?
  1. The assessors understanding of the sector – 3rd Sector Organisation
  2. Continued review of practice by the teams – FE College
  3. The positive feedback and explanation of improvements needed – Learning Partnership Organisation
  4. Our assessor, Rob Barlow, was well prepared and informed. Interacted well with all those he met and produced a useful and insightful report that we will use to help move our service provision forward – University Careers & Employability Service
  5. Feedback from Assessor – Training Provider
  6. Knowledge of the Assessor and feedback given – Training Provider
  7. Organisational and staff knowledge of IAG and processes surrounding this, tracking and reviewing mechanisms and sense of team – Private College
Q. Finally, do you believe your assessment and the feedback you received provided was value for money?
  1. Yes – it is an expensive Standard for a small organisation but critical to have – Training Provider
  2. Yes when considered as a cost over 3 years rather than one – Training Provider
  3. Yes – I think the cost is a fair reflection of the Assessor’s time on site/level of scrutiny necessary to mark against the criteria/detailed report produced – Charity



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