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AoC President Priorities Key Areas
August 13, 2018

AoC’s new President Steve Frampton MBE has outlined four key priorities in his year ahead following the start of his tenure this month.

Steve Frampton, who has a lifelong passion for post-16 education, took over from his predecessor Dr Alison Birkinshaw OBE on 1 August 2018.

His extensive career has been recognised at the highest level, with Steve being awarded an MBE for Services to Education in the Queen’s New Year Honours 2017. Aside from working in colleges since the 1980s, he has been the director of several local community charities, including Business South and PiTC – the community arm of Portsmouth Football Club.

In addition to funding and enterprise, the former Principal wants to prioritise these key issues:

1. a) A meaningful post-16 curriculum and assessment regime, working with GJCQ and DFE

b) Edtech – Working with EDN, Apple, Google and Microsoft to ensure we have affordable access to the very best in Edtech Products, Processes and People to facilitate excellent Teaching, Learning and Assessment for all learners, and staff

2. Developing initial training pathways and more innovative teacher recruitment and retention strategies with ETF/DFE.

3. Working with newly re-elected NUS President on student voice and how to better meet students’ challenging needs, including resilience.

4. Shaping the new inspection framework with OFSTED to ensure a fairer, more fit-for-purpose and holistic inspection process.

Steve Frampton MBE said: “I look forward to drawing the attention of ministers and others in government to the big difference colleges make to the lives of individuals, communities and employers. I will also enjoy paying tribute to the hard work of staff across the sector and the support colleges receive from the families of students, local businesses and the wider community.”

Dr Alison Birkinshaw OBE said: “Steve has spent more than 30 years working in further education and a great track record. He is experienced in national work on enhancing the reputation of the sector and always an advocate for the fantastic work of colleges. I have every confidence that he will be a wonderful ambassador and I am pleased to see the role of AoC President in such safe and experienced hands.”

The President serves for a one-year term working with AoC to promote colleges to Government ministers to influence their decisions when making policy for further education. They also support AoC’s Chief Executive in working together with other FE sector bodies to get the best for colleges. The role also has ambassadorial duties including visiting colleges and meeting staff and students.

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