Careers England Newsletter: Issue 157

Careers England’s Chair and Executive Director to Meet Gillian Keegan, 3/12/2020

Careers England has been seeking a meeting with Gillian Keegan, Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills since she assumed the portfolio. The meeting will raise a number of important issues, including: Investment in independent careers guidance from careers professionals for young people in schools and colleges; enabling the National Careers Service to meet the increased demands upon it by the rise in unemployment as a consequence of the pandemic, and how a joined-up Government approach to the Plan for Jobs can achieve more.

Union Learning Fund
Careers England has provided its support to the TUC in defence of the Union Learning Fund which has been notified by Government that it will have its funding withdrawn. Meetings have taken place with the TUC to extend our offer of  support. The petition can be accessed and signed in the following link:

Workforce for the Future- Skills Commission Inquiry
The Skills Commission is inviting submissions to a public call for evidence as part of its ongoing inquiry, the Workforce of the Future, The Inquiry focuses on careers education, information and guidance and is targeted at schools, colleges, universities, businesses, careers service providers and third sector organisations. Whilst the call indicates that not all questions need to be answered by all organisation, many of the questions are directly relevant to the work of Careers England members and therefore individual responses would help to ensure that our messages are represented in the evidence collected. The call also provides an opportunity to highlight important data, internal research and analysis and case studies.

The Careers England Board will be making a submission to the inquiry and encourages members and partner organisations to do likewise.
The closing date for submission is 18th December 2020, which can be accessed via the following link:

Careers England signs up as policy partner to Engineering UK in research into STEM engagement/ careers activity in schools – now and the future

Engineering UK are undertaking a survey of schools to gather evidence of engagement in STEM related career activity. The research will include case studies of good practice culminating in the production of a report that will focus on schools’ ability to deliver effective STEM careers activities/ engagement. It will seek to answer the following questions:

  1. How well are schools delivering against ambitions in relation to STEM as set out in the careers strategy for England?  Does their ability and resources to do so vary by characteristics of the school e.g. deprivation, % FSM, size?
  2. What needs to be changed or improved in how schools deliver careers information, advice and guidance to enable young people from all backgrounds to consider engineering as a potential career and understand the educational pathways to pursue this?
  3. Do schools have the resources and ability to provide effective STEM engagement and careers activities for young people, regardless of where they live, their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or disability?
  4. What are the long-term challenges for schools with respect to delivering STEM engagement and careers activities and what specific challenges or opportunities has the pandemic brought on?
  5. What can and should government do to support schools to provide STEM engagement and careers activities as part of their overall careers programme?

The survey will be conducted in the period December 2020 and January 2021, with a report published in February 2021.

Task group information

The Careers England Board is reviewing its Task Group activity. Consideration will be given to establishing new Task Groups focusing separately on NEET and on Digital Service Delivery.

The Career Development Institute
The Career Development Institute has launched the Career Development Awards 2021. There are eight awards given for excellence in personal achievement, best practice and research and technology. The Notes for Entrants 2021 and Entry Form for 2021 are on the website. 

Careers and Enterprise Company publishes its report on evidence of the Return on Investment of Personal Guidance

Education and Employers Research – Online research library marks its tenth anniversary
Free to access and searchable by keyword, it features summaries of a wide range of studies with abstracts and links to the full reports:

Nesta’s New Report: Mapping Career Causeways: Supporting workers at risk

Automation is changing the landscape of work, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This report provides guidance on how workers (in the UK, France and Italy) can transition out of at-risk occupations and into lower-risk roles. the report can be accessed here:

Quality in Careers Consortium – QiCS

Work is underway with Awarding Bodies on implementing the Board’s Guidelines on virtual assessments of schools and colleges working towards the Standard, the first-ever virtual relicensing panel for Career Connect was successfully completed.

A proposal for a “National Endorsement” of existing quality awards for careers education in primary schools was agreed by the Consortium Board and work will be undertaken to this end in liaison with Awarding bodies. Support received also from DfE and CEC.

Spending Review 2020
There were two big labour market priorities for the Chancellor in last week’s Spending Statement: How to get employment growing again next year, and how to help the unemployed to fill those jobs. It includes a the £3 billion commitment for a new ‘Restart’ programme for the long-term unemployed and a £300 million boost to help maintain funding levels as more 16-19 year olds stay on in education.  The government has also committed more of the National Skills Fund, and made some tweaks to apprenticeship rules particularly around unspent levy funds.
To find out more view Tony Wilson, Director of the Institute of Employment Studies, overview of the Spending Review and how it relates to employment and skills:

The Careers and Enterprise Company’s annual statement, previously titled A State of The Nation summary, has been published :

City and Guild Group-  Act Now Report or Risk Levelling Down
City and Guilds have co-authored this report with Emsi.

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