Careers Wales: CareersCraft on Minecraft

CareersCraft is an exciting and innovative new education resource available on Minecraft Education Edition.

The CareersCraft world enables players to develop their future career skills through a series of inspiring lesson plans, all linked to the new Curriculum for Wales. Players will explore some of Wales’ iconic landmarks and discover more about Welsh heritage while they learn.

Players will be asked to complete a range of different challenges and activities at each landmark including: 

  • Learning about a wide range of different types of jobs in the creative industries as they organise a performance at the Millennium Centre 
  • Discovering jobs of the past, present and future while organising an event at Caernarfon Castle 
  • Developing their health and wellbeing by exploring their strengths and interests on a trip to Tenby
  • Mining for the jobs of the future underground at Big Pit, Blaenavon 

Welsh Government has made Minecraft Education Edition available to all schools and learners in Wales. CareersCraft is available on all devices on Minecraft Education Edition.

Where to find CareersCraft

Download our CareersCraft world for Minecraft Education Edition.

Please note: You will need Minecraft Education Edition installed on your device in order to be able to open the CareersCraft world download file.

The game allows students to prepare for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, teamwork, communication and critical thinking. It also gives players freedom to experiment and encourages creativity. 

Downloadable lesson plans will also be available on both Minecraft Education and Hwb

Images from CareersCraft
CareersCraft: Tenby in a Minecraft world

Tenby in CareersCraft on Minecraft 

CareersCraft: Caernarfon Castle in a Minecraft world

Caernarfon Castle in CareersCraft on Minecraft 

CareersCraft on other systems and consoles

The CareersCraft world will soon be available publicly on an Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and Windows 10.

A demo edition is also available on the Minecraft Java Edition. The demo edition of CareersCraft is available on desktop only (Windows, Mac and Linux)

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