‘Good Career Guidance’ Handbook

All schools will have recently received a copy of Good Career Guidance: Reaching the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

This handbook was created by the Gatsby Foundation, and contains stories and learnings from their successful two-year pilot of the Benchmarks in the North East of England, to help assist a school’s journey to adopting the Benchmarks.

For more information on the pilot and the Benchmarks click here

Winners of The Careers & Enterprise Company Annual Awards 2018

This month the Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) celebrated the work of schools, colleges, businesses, and careers professionals with its annual awards ceremony for 2018.

Over 200 nominations were accepted for the nine categories and the winners were chosen by a panel of independent expert judges.

“Across the country schools and colleges are making progress towards world class careers support as laid out by the Gatsby benchmarks. Just last month Ofsted remarked on the improvement across England,” Claudia Harris, chief executive of the CEC, said.

“Our award winners provide further inspiration for schools and colleges designing their careers offer and seeking to provide their students with the best possible start to their working lives.”

Three finalists in each category were whittled down to one overall winner, with the champions announced in a ceremony at the CEC annual conference today at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire. Read more

The Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit & the matrix Standard

This toolkit for Enterprise Advisers and Enterprise Coordinators illustrates what good looks like across all eight of the Gatsby benchmarks. It includes example case studies of best practice and useful tips and resources.

The toolkit will assist Enterprise Advisers and Enterprise Coordinators in promoting to schools how the benchmarks will help all students reach their full potential. It also contains practical ways for schools to put the benchmarks into practice. 

Page 34 – Top Tips for Schools under Benchmark 8 states Make sure the organisation you are commissioning is high-quality and matrix accredited. 

Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit – Full Document

Careers & Enterprise Company Questioned About Spending

The Education Select Committee questioned the Chief Executive and Chair of the Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) on the organisation’s role in coordinating careers and enterprise support and the delivery of the Government’s careers strategy. (16th May 2018)

Deirdre Huges OBE has collated and shared how the Committee meeting has been reported in the press. CEC Education Select Committee

The following article by Paul Offord was published by FE Week.

The Careers and Enterprise Company has been heavily criticised for spending almost £1 million on research and not on frontline guidance for learners.

CEC slammed for multimillion-pound research spending

During a bruising appearance before the Commons education select committee, where CEC was called an “overbloated quango”, its chair Christine Hodgson admitted that £900,000 had been spent on research since it was set up in July 2015.

Nine research reports were pushed out in the last few months of 2017 alone.

Ms Hodgson and chief executive Claudia Harris provoked further bemused reaction when they added that another £1,000,000 was likely to be spent on research over the next three years.

“So that is money not going to the front line?” asked Mr Halfon.

“Why do you spend money on that when you could have think-tanks, or universities, or the Department for Education doing that? Why do you need to spend £900,000 which could go to frontline careers advice, on being a think tank, which is not your role?”

Ms Harris countered that much of their research “underpins where we focus our spending – like the cold spot reports; we have got a few other reports that do same thing”. CEC also has to “evaluate our work”.

Read more

Education Committee To Question Careers And Enterprise Company – 16 May 2018

The Education Committee is to question the Chief Executive and Chair of the Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) on the organisation’s role in coordinating careers and enterprise support and the delivery of the Government’s careers strategy – https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/

The CEC was established as an independent social enterprise in 2015 with the aim of supporting schools and colleges in improving their careers guidance for those aged 12 to 18.

The Department for Education published its careers strategy in December and questions may focus on the CEC’s role in delivery as well as its work bringing educational institutions, employers, funders and independent careers guidance organisations together.

Members of the Committee will also ask about the role of careers guidance in promoting social justice. Read more

Compass in 70 Seconds

The Gatsby Benchmarks are just one of the framework that can support schools and colleges improve their careers provision – matrix being an obvious alternative framework which can help all organisations achieve positive outcomes from their IAG delivery!

This short video describes the features and benefits of Compass.


Features and benefits 

  • Evaluate your careers activity in as little as 30 minutes
  • Compare your school to each of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Identify areas for improvement, with resources to help you get there
  • Use your result as the basis for your careers plan for the year
Careers England Response to The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Implementation Plan

The following is the Careers England response to The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Implementation Plan

Last week, The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Implementation Plan set out its plan for scaling up support for schools, colleges, businesses and careers programme providers to help them meet the requirements of the government’s Careers Strategy. Whilst we welcome both the Careers Strategy and Implementation Plan, we are concerned about the resources available to deliver such an ambitious agenda with limited funding.

Read our response to the plan here.

Careers & Enterprise Company Careers Strategy Implementation Plan

This document sets out how The Careers & Enterprise Company plans to implement the elements of the government’s Careers Strategy for which it is responsible.

It does not cover the full breadth of actions in the Careers Strategy as many of the activities are being implemented by other organisations such as the Department for Education, National Careers Service and employers directly.

The plan has been developed with input from over 400 people since the Careers Strategy was published by the government on
December 4, 2017. These include representatives from our Headteacher Advisory Group, Employer Advisory Group, leading employer bodies, providers of career programmes, the Careers Development Institute (CDI), Enterprise Coordinators and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

This Implementation Plan is still not a final version and the Careers and Enterprise Company would welcome feedback until March 23. Please send your comments to careers.strategy@careersandenterprise.co.uk 

Access the Plan Here

Research Shows Young Women Far Less Likely to Consider Technical Careers
Gender stereotypes are still embedded in the careers choices young men and women are likely to consider, says report. More than half of young women feel their career options are limited by their gender, according to a new survey.
The Closing the Gender Gap report, published by WorldSkills UK and the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), shows that gendered stereotypes are still embedded in the career choices young women and young men are likely to consider.The survey of 2,000 young people found that women are far more likely to consider care-related jobs, such as teaching and being a nurse, while young men are more likely to opt for jobs such as being an engineer or an IT professional.
‘Wake-up call’

Dr Neil Bentley, chief executive of WorldSkills UK, said the report should act as a “wake-up call”.

He said there was a huge opportunity to change attitudes with the government’s apprenticeships drive, adding: “Without a shadow of a doubt, the expansion of apprenticeships will help with the gender gap. Read more

Updating the Careers Cold Spots

In October 2015 the Careers & Enterprise Company published their first Cold Spots report and updated it again in 2016. These reports to understand where young people are most in need of careers support. They have now updated this analysis using current data.

In the report you will find:

Prioritisation indicators by location (Local Enterprise Partnership)
Attainment and other Cold Spot indicators presented by location – in table and map format.

Case study – Northamptonshire
In this case study we demonstrate what warming of the Cold Spots looks like on the ground, with an example of a group of schools that first benefited from our network and investment model.

Progress since 2015
Looking back at three years of data, we can start to make meaningful comparisons about each area. Read more