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The matrix Standard Statistics as at end of February 2017
March 19, 2017
The matrix Standard Statistics as at end of February 2017.
  • 2028 Organisations are Accredited with the matrix Standard
  • 6586 sites/locations are covered by matrix Accreditation
  • 98 organisations booked an assessment in January 2017
  • 86% of customers were extremely satisfied with their assessment
  • 93% of organisations confirmed that their matrix assessment was value for money
IAG Service Champion Programme
March 13, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about the Information, Advice & Guidance Service Champion Programme

Q. What is the Service Champion Programme all about?

A. The matrix Service Champion Programme is an opportunity for organisations working with the matrix Standard to train one or more of their employees to understand the Standard so that they can support the organisation on its journey towards re/accreditation. Service Champions have an opportunity to gain a SFEDI Level 5 Certificate in Participating in Assessment of Organisational Standards. To gain the Level 5 qualification, Service Champions need to demonstrate that they have been able to put their learning into practice by planning and undertaking a review / health-check assessment of their organisation’s information, advice and guidance service against the matrix Standard.

Q. What is the role of Assessment Services Ltd?

A. It is Assessment Services’ responsibility to manage and administer the assessment and accreditation process for the matrix Standard. Assessment Services is also a SFEDI Centre with responsibility for the assessment and verification of the qualification process.

Q. Who are SFEDI?

A. SFEDI Awards was founded in 2007 creating the first dedicated Awarding Organisation specialising in business enterprise and business support. It is the leading provider of education and training qualifications that seek to train and support individuals engaged in enterprise learning. As part of this, SFEDI Awards looks to promote and support those who:

  • Are looking to explore how they can work in an enterprising and entrepreneurial way
  • Are looking to start their own business
  • Are looking to improve their business skills
  • Are looking to support owner managers

Members of the SFEDI Awards Quality Assurance Team visit all their centres to ensure the integrity of the qualification delivery and to ensure that standards continue to be met. For further information visit http://www.sfediawards.com

Q. What development will Service Champions receive?

A. The Service Champion Development Programme has the purpose of equipping delegates with the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake objective and credible review/health check assessments against the matrix Standard within their organisation and, if they choose to do so,  provide evidence to enable them to achieve a level 5 qualification. The programme delivers a mix of skills and knowledge training, and practical experience, through:

  • Pre-course review of a case study and self-assessment
  • A two-day workshop
  • A workbook containing learning and reference materials to support the Service Champion role, and
  • For delegates who wish to gain the level 5 qualification, a selection of tools and templates to support their achievement of the qualification and the ongoing support of the Mentor Assessor.

Q. Who is the Mentoring Assessor?

A. The Mentoring Assessor is appointed by Assessment Services Ltd to deliver the two-day workshop and support the Service Champions achieve their qualification should they choose that route. They can also provide any additional training and support required to enable the Service Champion to fulfil the role as defined by the host organisation. On-going support may also be provided by the organisation’s matrix Assessor.

Q. Who can become a Service Champion?

A. Anyone who is employed by the organisation can be trained to understand and carry out the Service Champion role. Consultants, contractors, etc. are not eligible.

Q. What does the development programme cost?

A. The cost of the two-day development programme is £425 + vat per delegate. If on completion of the two-day development programme the Service Champion registers to gain theSFEDI Level 5 Certificate in Participating in Assessment of Organisational Standards, an additional fee of £525 + vat will be charged to cover assessment, quality assurance and certification fees. 

If you wish to train 6 or more Service Champions then we can provide you with a quote for an in-house programme – please just contact Assessment Services. 

Q. If we only want to train just one or two Service Champions is Assessment Services Ltd running open programmes during 2017?

A. Yes. Our next open programme is scheduled for the 20th/21st June 2017. It will be taking place at our offices in Chilwelll Nottingham. Please call us if you wish to book a place on this programme – ring 020 3880 5059

Q. What decisions does the organisation need to make before training someone to become a Service Champion?

A. There are some key decisions for the organisation include thinking through:

  • What role the Service Champion(s) will play within the organisation
  • Who would be suitable for the role and how will they be selected
  • How many Service Champions will be trained
  • Once trained, how much time will be made available to the Service Champion(s) to enable them to fulfil the role
  • Will the Service Champion(s) be supported to achieve the level 5 qualification

Q. What are the steps involved in achieving the qualification?

The purpose of this pre-work is to enable delegates to gain an understanding of the requirements of the matrix Standard by reviewing and commenting on a case study. Delegates are also required to complete a self-assessment exercise to identify their current strengths and development needs against a range of capability statements. Key development needs are recorded on a Personal Development Plan (PDP).Both the PDP and case study responses are submitted to the Mentoring Assessor at least 48 hours before the start of the workshop.TIME COMMITMENT – AT LEAST 4 HOURS
During this workshop, delegates will develop an understanding of the matrix Standard, the assessment process and practice. The workshop involves practical exercises including interviewing practice, evidence analysis and decision making.TIME COMMITMENT – 8 HOURS PER DAY + 1 HOUR OF EVENING WORK  BETWEEN DAY 1 AND 2
Delegates need to demonstrate their competence by undertaking an objective and credible review / health-check assessment of their organisation’s information, advice and guidance (IAG) service against the matrix Standard. This involves reviewing written evidence relating to the service provided, completing at least six interviews with managers and staff delivering the IAG service, and where feasible, also interviewing clients receiving the service and partner organisations supporting the service delivery – and writing a matrix style report summarising findings. The ‘naturally occurring evidence’ (including a health-check assessment plan, interview notes, written report, etc.NB:) together with a written ‘storyboard’, a reflective evaluation of own practice, a learning log and an on-going PDP forms the primary evidence submitted for assessment and quality assurance. TIME COMMITMENT – AT LEAST 28 HOURS

NB: Service Champions have six months from attending the two-day workshop to submit their qualification evidence portfolio for assessment and quality assurance.

The matrix Standard Statistics as at 31st January 2017
February 9, 2017
The matrix Standard Statistics as at 31st January 2017.
  • 2020 Organisations are Accredited with the matrix Standard
  • 6016 sites/locations are covered by matrix Accreditation
  • 95% of customers are meeting the Standard at their first assessment.
  • 99% of accredited organisations are coming forward for re-accreditation
  • 81 organisations booked an assessment in January 2017
  • 90% Customer Satisfaction were extremely satisfied with their assessment
Understanding the matrix Standard Webinar
January 31, 2017

If you are preparing for your 3-year review assessment against the matrix Standard, you may find it helpful to join this 45-minute life webinar. It will remind you of the requirements of the matrix Standard and give you an overview of the assessment process. There is time built in for a Q&A session too.

The webinar is free and you can register as many delegates as you wish,

DATE:  7th March 2017 at 16.30pm. Registration is via  Eventbrite. Please follow this link:     Click Here

University of East London continues to meet matrix Standard
December 8, 2016

Thank you to the University of East London   for sharing thier  assessment with a photo.


The matrix Standard Statistics
December 1, 2016
The matrix Standard Statistics as at 31st November 2016.
  • 2041 Organisations are Accredited with the matrix Standard
  • 4964 sites are covered by matrix Accreditation
  • 95% of customers are meeting the Standard at their first assessment.
  • 89% of organisations are coming forward for re-accreditation
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction including Value for Money


Measuring Soft Outcomes
November 22, 2016

Soft Outcomes are outcomes from training, support or information, advice and guidance interventions, which unlike hard outcomes, such as qualifications and jobs, cannot be measured directly or tangibly. Soft outcomes may include achievements relating to:

  • interpersonal skills, for example: social skills and coping with authority
  • organisational skills, such as: personal organisation, and the ability to order and prioritise
  • analytical skills, such as: the ability to exercise judgement, managing time or problem solving, and
  • personal skills, for example: insight, motivation, confidence, reliability and health awareness.

THE INSTITUTE FOR EMPLOYMENT STUDIES, have written a guide to assist projects and organisations to understand and implement systems for recording soft outcomes and distance travelled.

To download the guide Click Here

Understanding the matrix Standard Webinar
October 24, 2016

The matrix Standard is the unique quality framework for organisations to assess and measure their information, advice and/or guidance services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. The Standard consists of four elements that fit around your organisation’s business themes. These four elements are:

  • Element 1 – Leadership and Management
  • Element 2 – Resource
  • Element 3 – Service Delivery
  • Element 4 – Continuous Quality Improvement

To find out more join the free webinar on Monday 14 November 2016 at 16:30 – 17:30 GMT

To register on Eventbrite  Click Here


matrix Continuous Improvement Action Plan
September 18, 2016

Thanks to York College for sharing how they log and recorded the improvements made to their IAG service.


To download a copy of the plan Click Here


Kirklees College CEIAG Service
September 9, 2016

Susan Smith, Registered matrix Assessor reports how Kirklees College CEIAG Service has been working on measuring the distance travelled by students using their service.

They said “We collect student feedback via on-line ‘survey monkey’ surveys at regular intervals where we can assess distance travelled” These are confidential surveys where we ask students who have received individual guidance to answer some questions. The students will answer questions before and after their appointment to gauge the effectiveness of the guidance and support they have received. Questions 1 and 2 are prior to guidance, and questions 3 and 4 are following guidance.”

To see just some of the results being achieved by Kirklees College, Click Here