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Civil Service Recruitment: New Framework
June 26, 2019

Success Profiles are the new recruitment framework used within the Civil Service. 

The Success Profile Framework is being introduced to attract and retain people of talent and experience from a range of sectors and all walks of life, in line with the commitment in the Civil Service Workforce Plan.

The Success Profile Framework moves recruitment away from using a purely competency-based system of assessment. It introduces a more flexible framework which assesses candidates against a range of elements using a variety of selection methods. This will give the best possible chance of finding the right person for the job, driving up performance and improving diversity and inclusivity.

Success Profiles: Candidate Overview

Success Profiles: Experience

Success Profiles: Civil Service Strengths Dictionary

Success Profiles: Civil Service Behaviours

Success Profiles: Technical

Success Profiles: Civil Service Ability

For more information visit:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/success-profiles

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