Complimentary aelp Webinar
September 17, 2020


The Coronavirus Pandemic and resulting lockdown presented unique challenges for all of us – creating problems we hadn’t previously encountered and forcing the implementation of new ways of working, without notice.

Every person and every organisation had a unique experience, but what we wanted to uncover was – what were the experiences we shared? And what can we learn from it all to enable business recovery? In July and August of this year, supported by Bud, AELP surveyed the provider base to better understand how their organisations had coped with the challenges of lockdown.

This webinar will outline the results not only of the survey, but of follow-up interviews conducted with many respondents where we were able to unpack with them some of the hard data and get a much better flavour of how the sector coped – of what lessons were learned, what will be taken forward beyond the lockdown/pandemic period – and of course, what didn’t work so well!


This webinar will enable providers to:

  • Compare their own experience against those of the wider sector
  • Share best practice and learn from mistakes
  • Plan for future events of this nature such as a second wave, or a local lockdown


The survey was aimed at front-line providers and the results are therefore likely to be of most relevance to organisations directly delivering work-based learning – in particular apprenticeships. Staff with responsibility for contingency planning will also find this of benefit.


This webinar is sponsored by Bud. Please register with your business email address for your complimentary place. 


Access to the live webinar, recording, slides and Q&As after the webinar.

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