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ESFA Employer Guidance: Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations

ESFA has updated their information for employers looking for an independent end-point assessment organisation and potential applicants to the register of apprentice assessment organisations. 

Register of end-point assessment organisations

Register of end-point assessment organisations – lists organisations that have been assessed as being suitable to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices and be in receipt of public funds. You can use the list of standards to see which organisations deliver a particular standard.

Introduction to end-point-assessment organisations

As well as containing information on programme training and assessment, all apprenticeship standards must contain an end-point assessment. An independent organisation must be involved in the end-point assessment of each apprentice so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently.

Only organisations on the register of end-point assessment organisations are eligible to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices. Although a number of different people and organisations may be involved in an apprentice’s end-point assessment, only the independent organisation needs to apply to and be listed on the register.

Using the register of end-point assessment organisations

Employers will use the register to select an organisation to undertake end-point assessment for them.

Selecting an organisation

Employers can choose any organisation listed on the register against the apprenticeship standard being taken by their apprentice.

Unless the assessment plans states otherwise employers cannot select their apprentices’ training organisation to be the end-point assessment organisation.

Selecting an organisation that is not listed on the register

If employers want to use an organisation that is not on the register, that organisation will need to apply and be listed against the apprenticeship standard before you can consider them for conducting independent end-point assessment of your apprentices.

Selecting an organisation when none are listed on the register against an apprenticeship standard

Employers will not be able to select an end-point assessment organisation for their apprentice until at least one organisation is listed on the register for that apprenticeship standard. ESFA operate a monthly application process for organisations interested in delivering end-point assessment and add to the register regularly.

Requesting further information about an organisation on the register

To help choose an end-point assessment organisation you can ask an organisation on the register for more information about the service they offer. Alternatively, you can ask ESFA about their application. If you would like to see information from an application, please email apprentice.assessment@education.gov.uk. Only employers involved in the delivery of an approved apprenticeship standard can access additional information about organisations on the register.

Register of end-point assessment organisations – introduction

How to apply to the register of end-point assessment organisations

The list of apprentice standards (July 2018) contains the standards ESFA are inviting applications for.

To apply you will need to complete the online application form in Bravo, the e-tendering portal.

You will need to:

  • respond to all the questions and make a series of declarations
  • complete the financial health self-assessment within Bravo
  • submit your latest financial statements
  • submit accompanying documentation where the question asks for this

ESFA have been working closely with the Education and Training Foundation, and before applying to the register, you may want to consider the information and resources available to prospective end-point assessment organisations through the Future Apprenticeships to support the end-point assessment process. If you need further assistance, then please email apprentice.assessment@education.gov.uk.

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