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Free Handbook – “Enhancing the Quality of Career Guidance” by Ronald Sultana
March 6, 2019

This Handbook is one of the products of the MYFUTURE Erasmus+ project. It offers educational leaders and career guidance staff practical ways for improving the quality of career guidance products and services in their secondary schools (ages 11-16), with a special focus on career education.

The goal of the Handbook, and the frameworks, resources and tools it provides, are meant to be useful in catering more effectively for all students. However, a special emphasis is placed on the needs of those who, for different reasons, have disengaged from formal learning, or are in danger of doing so. Career guidance is one of the ways we have of re-igniting motivation in such students, especially when the service offered by the school is robust and fit for purpose.

The Handbook is organised in such a way as to both enhance critical reflection, and to provide the tools and resources needed to translate understanding into improved career education and guidance.

  1. Overview of strategies to ensure quality in career guidance
  2. Features international lead practice on career education, career information and career counselling
  3. Provides links to resources and tools
  4. Promotes reflective practice

Link to the Handbook: HERE

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