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Growth in Women Doing MBAs
March 26, 2019

There is rising gender equality in enrolment but a “mixed picture” when it comes to the beliefs men and women
have of what their MBAs will help them achieve.

The proportion of women enrolling onto Association of MBAs (AMBA)-accredited MBA programmes globally over the past five years has risen, according to new research from AMBA.

The latest  MBA Application and Enrolment Report found that less than a third (32%) of enrolees in 2013 were women, compared to 36% in 2017.

Despite this positive shift, the research stated that there is further to go in terms of reaching gender parity. It said additional efforts need to be made to encourage and support women taking MBAs as their careers mature.

The research suggested that the age at which women are able, or willing, to enrol onto an MBA is a key reason for the imbalance. Women are more likely than men to be aged 25 to 29 when they graduate with an MBA (21% of women compared to 14% of men). Meanwhile this trend reverses with age, with 42% of male graduates being aged 35 to 44 compared with 38% of female graduates.


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