How Learning a Foreign Language Can Give You a Career Edge
February 28, 2020

With the search for employment becoming increasingly complex, it might feel impossible to stand out. Learning an additional language can open doors in a career and broaden employment opportunities.

Here are just four of many reasons why learning a new language may help you stand out from the pack.

A second language offers a point of difference

Knowledge of a foreign language is extremely valuable and can impress the hiring department of companies looking for new intakes. An additional language on your CV could be the thing to make you stand out over a pile of applications. Not only is it a useful skill to possess, but the act of learning a new language also demonstrates commitment and flexibility, which only increases your employability.

You’re a great candidate for global companies

Many companies want workers who can travel overseas and explore new business opportunities or greet overseas visitors. In an age that’s only becoming more interconnected, overseas travel is more and more necessary for workers in large-scale businesses. Being fluent in another language can open a lot of doors — some of these may even be plane doors.

You’ll have improved confidence and communication

Learning a foreign language can improve other areas of speech and presentation. Acquiring a new skill can give your confidence a boost, which can only make you a more appealing prospect for employers. Also, the development in learning one language only makes you a better communicator in your primary language — the need to rehearse speech out loud bodes well for when you present to clients, boards or other workers.

Your memory and capacity for multitasking is greater

Learning another language takes a lot of memory practice, as the constant rehearsal and consolidation of new knowledge requires continual usage of your memory. It also sharpens your mental processes, as the amount of energy and power required to discern between two languages increases your overall brain capability.

The constant switching between different languages also increases the brain’s reaction to changing between stimuli, which in turn makes for more effective multi-tasking.

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