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Mentoring in Schools – Research Paper
August 29, 2016

Too many young people are disengaging from school at an early age. This can have negative effects on their success at school and their ability to build a career after they leave school. Because of this, The Careers & Enterprise Company are launching a new campaign around employer mentoring https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/ to support young people to stay engaged at school and make an effective transition to their careers.

Professor Hooley was asked to undertake a literature review for The Careers & Enterprise Company. In it, he finds that employer mentoring is an effective strategy that can support young people’s engagement with school, their attainment and their transition to work. Critically, he has also identified a wide range of evidence-based features that support effective mentoring programmes.

The Careers & Enterprise Company’s initiative seeks to significantly expand the existing marketplace of employer/young person mentoring providers. These include a wide range of local and national providers and programmes.

Professor Hooley’s paper draws together academic and ‘grey’ literature (such as policy papers, speeches and programme evaluation reports), with the aim of, first, clarifying the impacts that might be anticipated from employer mentoring and, second, exploring what knowledge exists about effective practice. It makes use of an unpublished review undertaken by the Department for Educationas well as a number of other literature reviews and meta-analyses.

To access the paper, Click Here

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