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Overseas Careers Services
August 25, 2016

The Canadian Careers Development Foundation (CCDF) is a non-profit organization that works to advance career services and the capacity of the profession to respond with empathy and skill to their clients and stakeholders in an ever-changing work environment. CCDF is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field of career development.  It advocates for services that strengthen:

  • the preparation of youth for the workforce and ongoing learning;
  • the capacity of workers to skillfully manage their careers;
  • the capacity of employers to create quality workplaces that maximize worker satisfaction and productivity;
  • the reintegration of adults entering or re-entering work or learning and;
  • the transition of older workers to alternative avenues for work, learning and/or community engagement.

They work with a wide local, national and international network of expert associates, trainers and advocates and have produced a range of free resources which can be downloaded from their website. http://www.ccdf.ca/ccdf/

For a copy of their free Job Search Workbook Click Here

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