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PODCAST: How To Create An Outstanding CV
January 3, 2020
Susie Timlin

By Susie Timlin Chief Operating Officer, UK Government Investments 

Want to create a CV that will get you noticed but not sure where to start? Listen to this podcast to find out how you can present yourself well on paper and ensure your CV leads to an interview.

Podcast notes:

It’s extremely important to make sure your CV catches the eye of a recruiter or a potential employer.  How can you present the best CV?

  • A great CV can be the difference between you getting the perfect job, and not even getting a call about an interview. So it’s really important that you think about how you are going to present your CV before you send it to anyone
  • Use acronym CATCH which stands for Clear, Accurate, Targeted, Concise, and Honest.
    • Clear: The most important, most relevant information really needs to jump out and be easily readable. That means no gimmicky fonts or formatting as it distracts from the important information
    • Accurate: Simple grammatical and spelling mistakes can cost you an interview.  These mistakes speak volumes about your attention to detail
    • Targeted: Think about the person who is going to be reading your CV and also the job and the firm to which you’re applying. Make sure you tailor all your information accordingly
    • Concise: Think about limiting information to that which is the most important
    • Honest: Exaggerations can really have a massive impact on your career. Make sure your CV is a true reflection of who you are

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