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Report from LKMco: Careers Education: What Should Young People Learn and When?
April 10, 2019

LKMco has launched an important new report, which sets out what young people should learn during their careers education, and when

More Than A Job’s Worth: Making Careers Education Age-Appropriate was commissioned by the charity Founders4Schools, and argues that children’s careers education should begin as soon as they start school. While this is something that may make some people squeamish, the report sets out how this can be done in an age-appropriate way.

For example, the research highlights how some nurseries and primaries launching careers education early have added ‘jobs corners’ to their classrooms, where costumes, props and stories about different professions are available for pupils to explore.

The report also shows that one of the major benefits of a quality careers education can be the opportunity to open up children and young people’s horizons, exposing them to a broad range of ideas and challenging the early formulation of stereotypes. When done well, careers education helps young people learn about themselves, as well as about possible future pathways.

However, the research also highlights worrying gaps in provision, and the challenges facing teachers and schools supporting careers education. Some children and young people are less likely to experience a variety of quality careers encounters, including pupils eligible for free school meals, girls, and children from minority ethnic backgrounds.

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