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Schools Must Publish How Providers Can Speak To Pupils
March 28, 2018

Schools must now set out on their websites how providers can request access to speak to pupils about FE courses and apprenticeships.

Skills minister Anne Milton made the announcement today as part of the government’s careers strategy, which came into force in January.

The so-called Baker Clause means that schools must not close their doors to FE colleges and providers wanting to speak to pupils about the opportunities they can offer.

Ms Milton said: “I recognise that schools have needed time to adjust to this new legislation but, now that it is in place, all schools should have published their arrangements for providers to visit all pupils in years 8 to 13.

“I know that schools already provide a range of inspiring and informative careers events, assemblies and options evenings. In many cases, schools can comply with the legislation by integrating a range of opportunities for provider visits into those existing plans and making this information publicly available.”

To comply, schools must publish a policy statement on their website setting out how providers can request access.

“I want every young person, whatever their background, to have a good understanding of both the academic and technical routes that can lead to future success in a rewarding career or job,” Ms Milton added.

“We must expand the breadth of information that young people receive on all education and training options but particularly technical options and apprenticeships.

“It is only by talking directly to a range of providers, including university technical colleges, FE colleges and apprenticeship providers, that young people can truly appreciate the opportunities available to them.”

The statement can be short but must include:

  • The process for requesting access – this might be details for the main contact point at the school;
  • Grounds for granting and refusing access – this might include details of timetabled careers lessons, assemblies or events that providers may attend;
  • Details of premises or facilities available to those given access – this might be a brief reference to rooms and resources.

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