“It’s never too late.”

That’s Dorie Clark’s answer to a question about when you’ve missed your chance to make a substantial career change.

Clark is a marketing and strategy consultant, an adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and the author of “Entrepreneurial You.” On an episode of the Art of Charm podcast, she explained why transitioning careers when you’re no longer a fresh-faced new college grad doesn’t mean starting from scratch.
“If you have been following one particular path and if you’ve become pretty successful at it,” Clark said, “the good news is that gives you a lot of social capital that you can leverage to be able to access those universes. The question is what you do with it.”

In other words, you’ve likely tackled step one: meeting a lot of people, even if they all work in your current industry. Step two is to capitalize on your existing connections to help launch you into your next career phase. Read more