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Case Study: Walsall College and the matrix Standard
August 8, 2018

Walsall College’s Careers Guidance Service is free and available to all students and prospective students.  

Students and prospective students can access the Careers Guidance Service in many different ways i.e. by telephone, face to face and e-guidance. There is also a dedicated Careers Centre located on the ground floor in the Atrium where we operate a Quick Queries Drop-in service for current students on a daily basis. The college provides an extensive vocational provision for students aged from 14 years old and over to no upper age limit.

The Senior Management and Curriculum team are all fully aware of the Careers Guidance Service and curriculum staff actively encourage students to attend or take part in activities or refer students to the Careers Team for further support, when they have surpassed their expertise.

A Whole College Approach

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Mental Health: AoC Report

There are 2.2 million people being educated and trained in colleges, including 685,000 16 to 18-year olds. The government’s focus on mental health will never truly be realised until they are prioritised. A new Association of Colleges survey has found that:

  • 90 per cent of college leaders have seen an increase in the number of students aged 16-18 with disclosed mental health conditions
  • 86 per cent of college leaders have seen an increase in the number of students aged 19+ with disclosed mental health conditions

That is why AoC has today launched Mental Health & Wellbeing: A Collection of College Case Studies – a snapshot of just some of the work going on in colleges day in and day out to support students and staff. It covers a wide range of successful and easy-to-follow approaches to tackling poor mental health and to promoting wellbeing.

Case studies include:

New City College – Hackney’s work with East London NHS Foundation Trust to support adults with psychiatric issues

The service, aimed at breaking down barriers, offers emotional and practical support, including advice and guidance on college courses and help with enrolment. There is a specialist advisor on hand to support students during college and then their progress on to higher education and employment. Read more

The Cost Of Returning To Work
June 11, 2018

New research has shown that the price tag of returning to work can be up to £186, while new employees can face further costs of up to £1,057 out of their first pay packet according to a report from leading employment support provider, Reed in Partnership.

The 2018 report entitled ‘Too poor to work has highlighted the growing problem caused by rapidly rising travel and childcare costs for long-term unemployed people trying to get back into work. The process of finding a job is likely to come with a £167 price tag for someone who has been out of work for some time, rising to £186 in London.

Once in a job, someone working outside the capital may face costs of £223 during their first month – including lunch, travel and new clothing. In London, someone long-term unemployed returning to work is likely to face costs of around £342 in their first month. If unsubsidised childcare is included this can rise to £756 outside the capital and £1,057 in London. Read more

AELP Guidance for Providers
May 11, 2018

This document has been produced by AELP as a guide to help providers and employers understand and work to the current ESFA funding rules on planning and delivering a minimum of 20% off-the-job training (OTJT).

Both the ESFA and DfE have seen this guidance and provided feedback during its development.


Australian Careers Service Case Study: Interview With An Entrepreneur
March 1, 2018

Australian Careers Service interview Tanya Williams about founding her company.

Name: Tanya Williams  

Job title: Chief of Everything

Organisation: Digital Conversations

Q: What does your current role entail? How long have you been in this role?

A: As Chief of Everything and founder, I am in control of everything, as my title says. This means I have all the responsibility, control and get to make all the decisions about the future of the company (which is a good and bad thing). I have been in this role for two and a half years, but have over two decades of marketing, sales, ecommerce and digital experience.

Q: What are some major achievements or awards in your current role?

A: I have been lucky to be involved with some great projects. I helped coordinate the Digital, Innovation & Technology stream of Global Café which was the prelude to the G20 in Brisbane in 2014. I have spoken at many events including Click Digital and done countless workshops. I love what I do. Plus starting your own business is no small achievement. It takes hard work, courage and perseverance to do that. Read more

Australian Careers Service Case Study: Family Roots Inspire Career Journey
February 1, 2018

To celebrate World Soil Day, Australian Careers Service had a chat with hydrographer Seamus Feery about his study pathway and why he decided to pursue a career in the agricultural industry.

Name: Seamus Feery

Degree: Masters in Environmental Geoscience at Latrobe University

Role: Hydrographer

Company: Sentinel Pty Ltd


Upon leaving school I began studying a Bachelor of Science. After my first semester, I was drawn to subjects based around earth sciences, in particular, soil studies and hydrology, so I pursued a Masters in Environmental Geoscience.


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