The Generation Game: How to Win with Centennials
May 26, 2020

By 2025, Centennials will account for 30% of the global workforce, jumping into the workplace melting pot of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. This article may be something to share with employers you work with.

Their expectations? High.

Their brand loyalty? Low.

But your rewards for winning them over could be huge.

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about this exciting new wave of workers, shoppers and future-shapers to help you prepare your business for long term success.

How well do you know your generations?

Generation Born
Centennials/Gen Z After 1996
Millennials/Gen Y Between 1977 – 1995
Generation X Between 1965 – 1976
Baby Boomers Between 1946 – 1964
Traditionalists or Silent Generation Before 1945

Centennials will soon enter the job market. So, what can you expect from them and how do they work?

How do Centennials work?

They’re multi-multi-taskers: Switching between screens comes naturally to Centennials, which means they are pro-multi-taskers. They are able to juggle multiple projects at one time, without sacrificing the quality of their work – all the while, mastering a work/life blend.

They’re glued to their phones: Employers shouldn’t be worried if Centennials are on their phones all day – it’s their default position for communicating with colleagues, taking notes and doing research. Read more

Case Study: Meet the Award-Winning Centennial Entrepreneur
December 16, 2017

He started his business journey aged eleven. Now nineteen, he’s an acclaimed entrepreneur, investor, speaker and mentor. Meet Ben Towers.

Centennials. The latest buzzword in the business world. As businesses gain an understanding of this generation and prepare for their arrival in the workplace, Centennials are often labelled as the new wave of employees. However, growing up in a digital landscape, their ability to use technology comes as naturally to them as breathing, which means, not only do they have the skills to be disruptive employees, but to be innovative employers too.

The perfect example of this is Ben Towers. When he was only thirteen years old, he founded his first digital marketing company, Towers Design. After completing a multi-million-pound merger earlier this year, he left the organisation in September and is now focusing on his role as CEO of Social Marley, a social media management tool. His remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed; Ben has won multiple awards and has been named by Sir Richard Branson as “one of the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs”.

Your Ready Business spoke to Ben about his experience as a young entrepreneur and how, despite his age (or because of it), he has driven himself and his businesses to success.
Read more