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Due to COVID-19 disruption, you may be wanting to find jobs wherever you can. Facebook is a good platform to use for job hunting because it’s an easy way to scroll through jobs and connect with people in the work area you’re interested in. Many recruitment agencies use their Facebook pages to promote jobs and Facebook itself has its own job search feature.

We spoke with Tony Cutting from Kumara Vine to find out how Facebook can help with your job hunt.

Building Communities Through Facebook

Kumara Vine is a website that celebrates Māori and Pacific people’s success in the workplace by sharing stories of achievement and promoting jobs to their whānau and friends.

Tony Cutting from Kumara Vine explains why they turned to Facebook to promote employment opportunities.

“Māori and Pasifika are known to be strong users of social media, and given that Facebook gives you the ability to build communities, we thought it would be a good vehicle to promote our jobs.”

With Facebook allowing the on-sharing of posts, many other people and organisations can easily be contacted and connected.

Clean Up Your Facebook Account

Most jobs promoted through Facebook will link you back to another website where you can find more information about the job and apply. However, it’s always important to check that your social media accounts and online behaviour are appropriate – especially if you’re using Facebook directly to job hunt.

“It makes good sense that your social media accounts are maintained to high standards as many employers will check them before deciding whether to interview you or not,” says Tony.

The public version of your profile can be seen by employers, but you can choose who sees your posts. Facebook also has a feature that lets you see what your profile looks like to people you aren’t connected with.

Check the Groups or Pages Before Joining

Despite Facebook being a great platform to find jobs that you’re interested in, you should be careful to avoid any dodgy pages or job advertisements.

“It’s important to make sure that any groups or pages that you join or follow are legitimate. That’s why at Kumara Vine we always link our social media jobs back to our website so people can see we’re the real deal,” Tony says.

Make the Most of Facebook’s Job Search Feature

Facebook has a feature just for job searching. Similar to other job recruitment websites, you can filter your job search to suit your location, industry or job type.

Facebook Wants to be the Place to find a Mentor
August 16, 2018

Last year, the social media giant dipped its toes in online mentorship. Now they are getting serious.

Facebook is gearing up to mine what it sees as a massive opportunity to engage its users by offering mentorship through its Groups channel.

“Last year, the team worked with a couple of nonprofits,” says Gabe Cohen, Facebook’s product manager for Mentorship. In November 2017, the social network announced the new tool as a pilot program, and now they are rolling it out in earnest.

This is not to be confused with the partnership between Facebook’s Workplace and Ten Thousand Coffees that also debuted a mentorship matching feature recently. The startup is using Facebook’s Workplace to integrate its services to its client companies looking to match mentees with mentors within the organizations.

The good news for Facebook is that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, when they debuted Mentorship last year, each mentee and mentor was matched by a nonprofit partner organization to work through a step-by-step program. The programs were developed by the organizations, tailored to fit the mentees, and geared to work directly on the platform through private interactions between the pair.

The pilot began with iMentor (for education) and The International Rescue Committee (for crisis recovery). From the outset, Facebook was eyeing expansion into other areas like addiction recovery and career advancement, according to Cohen. And he’s quick to point out that as “privacy is very important to us” (Facebook’s recent and constant refrain in all public forums), each pair’s conversations are private.Other Groups have participated since the initial launch, like Mama Dragons, which Cohen describes as a support network for Mormon families with LGBTQ kids. “They’re having a profound faith and family crisis,” he explains, “and finding people going through that experience is really hard.”

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