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Career Resource for Parents
May 9, 2018

The Canada Career Information Partnership (CCIP) developed a Career Development Resource for Parents to help parents support teens as they explore their options and make decisions. The goal is to provide parents with some practical ideas and resources to use with their son or daughter.

It includes hints and tips, ideas, activities and guides – all aimed at helping parents play an active and positive role in the career choices of children. For example, it includes the High Five messages that have been developed by career planning experts to help parents focus on the keys to success in career/life planning.

Change is Constant: Change has become a constant force in both life and work. However, opportunities often arise during times of change. Flexibility, versatility and adaptability are important keys to career building success.

Learning is Continuous:  Learning, in all contexts, is a continuous life process. Learning, skills development and work are intertwined activities that we all will engage in as a continuous cycle of career building experiences.

Focus on the Journey: Life is a journey of experiences, and destinations are only stopping points along the way. Career building requires paying attention to both the goals being set and all that occurs as one travels toward their goals.

Follow Your Heart: One always does their best when doing what they love or have a passion for. The pursuit of dreams provides motivation, direction and helps to clarify what is important. Career building requires a consideration of what is felt in the “heart.” Read more

Example IAG Policy
August 29, 2016

Elpis Training   http://www.staffline.co.uk/group-companies/elpis-training/  is one of the UK’s leading providers of Lean training and apprenticeships, with three decades of experience and expertise to draw on.

They believe that providing information, advice and guidance (IAG) is the key to learners getting the most from their educational experience. Consequently, they are committed to delivering an IAG service that provides a range of opportunities for learners, employers and partners to make informed choices about their training and development needs.

To view their IAG policy, which is published on their website,  Click Here

New Zealand – Tertiary career development benchmarks
August 29, 2016

Careers New Zealand http://www.careers.govt.nz/   is a Crown entity established under the Education Act 1989, and governed by a board that reports to the Minister of Education

At Careers New Zealand they define a career as being ‘the sequence and variety of work roles – paid and unpaid – that someone has over a lifetime’. Everyone has a career.

Thier role is to improve connections between education and employment, by using their expertise to support organisations and New Zealanders so they are making informed choices about their future employment.

They develop the capability of people in organisations who influence others, using information and tools to provide careers support to their children, learners, clients and staff. Organisations they work with include career professionals, schools and tertiary organisations, community groups, businesses and local government, welfare and support agencies who influence the career choices of others.

Careers New Zealand is focused on developing an effective careers system, one that provides for all people in New Zealand.

They have produced benchmarks which will aid the tertiary education sector to deliver quality career development programmes and services to their students.  These benchmarks are a self-review tool to provide tertiary organisations with guidance on what high-quality careers work is about. At the heart of the document is a description of the key career competencies that New Zealanders need for 21st century careers literacy.

To access the benchmark document click Click Here

Ofsted & Volunteers from the World of Work
August 29, 2016

Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework introduced in September 2015 has an increased focus on the importance of careers guidance for all young people aged 13-18. Volunteers from the world of work can play a key role in enhancing careers guidance provision and the important decision making all young people need to make about their futures while at school.

Working with volunteers from the world of work in supporting careers guidance provision is directly linked to the criteria in the inspection framework.

There are many examples where volunteers have talked to young people in schools and have helped to start the thinking process about their careers early. These volunteers have opened young people’s minds and they have also helped make school subjects relevant to the world outside and their future careers.

Volunteers have provided students with insights into lots of different jobs and sectors so that they make informed choices and start to build a foundation for their future careers. Many schools incorporate using volunteers into their careers guidance strategy to make the difference to their students’ futures. This in turn also helps them meet many of Ofsted’s criteria in the latest Common Inspection Framework. Events with volunteers only work well if the teachers involved are fully committed and invest time in achieving a good match between volunteers and students.

The ideas listed in the report published by Education and Employers http://www.educationandemployers.org/ in April 2016  shows how you can enhance your careers guidance provision and boost your chances of meeting inspection requirements.

To access the report  Click Here

The Careers & Enterprise Company Activity Toolkit

The Careers & Enterprise Companhttps://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/ is an employer-led organisation that has been set up to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. They  aim to help motivate young people, support them in making informed choices about their future and help them achieve against those choices.

Thier role is to take an umbrella view of the landscape of careers and enterprise, supporting programmes that work, filling gaps in provision and ensuring coverage across the country.

The company is committed to being evidence-based, building on ‘what works’, and taking a pragmatic view of regional variations in the careers, enterprise and employment landscape, adapting its approach as required.

They are supporting Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) https://www.lepnetwork.net/ to establish an Enterprise Adviser Network across the country. It’s a simple model that’s easy to manage and one that is agile, flexible and easily scaled to meet local demands.

The Enterprise Adviser Programme will create a network of brokerage between employers and schools, giving greater consistency and coverage than exists today. It aims to motivate young people, support them in making informed choices about their future and help them achieve their full potential, both in and out of school.

Employed or funded by Local Enterprise Partnerships, (LEPs), Enterprise Coordinators (ECs) will direct and manage a network of up to 20 Enterprise Advisers (EAs) who will each be matched with a school in their local area. Both the ECs and EAs will be drawn from the local employer community and each regional cluster will have a governance board with relevant local parties represented.

To access the Careers Enterprise Co Activity Toolkit Click Here

Overseas Careers Services
August 25, 2016

The Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCD)  is a non-profit organization that works to advance career services and the capacity of the profession to respond with empathy and skill to their clients and stakeholders in an ever-changing work environment. CCDF is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field of career development.  It advocates for services that strengthen:

  • the preparation of youth for the workforce and ongoing learning;
  • the capacity of workers to skillfully manage their careers;
  • the capacity of employers to create quality workplaces that maximize worker satisfaction and productivity;
  • the reintegration of adults entering or re-entering work or learning and;
  • the transition of older workers to alternative avenues for work, learning and/or community engagement.

They have a number of free resources which can be downloaded from their website. http://www.ccdf.ca/ccdf/

For a copy of their Job Search Workbook Click Here