ERSA: Meet the Primes of CAEHRS
November 2, 2020

Through the work of ERSA, organisations have the opportunity to hear on YouTube from the following organisations who have been awarded a successful place on the DWP’s new Commercial Agreement for Employment and Health Related Services, the CAEHRS Framework.

The following ERSA members have been grouped in the order they presented. 

Group 1 

Jobs 22
Palladium International
Pinnacle Housing (PORTRUS)
Seetec Pluss
Serco Group

Watch this group again here

Group 2

Capita Group
Fedcap Employment
G4S Regional Management (UK&I)
Ingeus UK
Shaw Trust

Watch this group again here

Group 3

Adecco Working Ventures
Business 2 Business
The Growth Company
Twin Training International
WISE Ability

Group 4

Watch this group again here

The Salvation Army Trustees
Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
Go Train

Watch this group again here

The full list of CAEHRS Framework organisations is here.

Check ERSA’s opportunities hub for details of open opportunities. 

The following meeting dates and agendas are being shared directly with ERSA members this week and following these meetings we’ll be inviting applications for chairs/vice chairs for all. Get in touch if you are interested in one of these opportunities via (ERSA members only)

3 November, 2 – 3.30pm

Central England             
4 November, 10 – 11.30am

5 November, 10am – 12pm  (extended meeting for Employment Support Scotland)     

North East                       
6 November 10 – 11.30am

In Conversation with the DWP
6 November, 3 – 5pm

ERSA members will be joined by representatives from the DWP; 

  • Mark Leigh, Deputy Director, Head of Employment Services Category, Department for Work and Pensions, Commercial Directorate, Finance Group
  • Karina Stibbards, Deputy Director, Labour Market Strategy, Labour Market, Families and Disadvantage Directorate, Policy Group;
  • Nick Butler, Employment Account Director, Department for Work and Pensions, Finance Group, Contract Management and Partner Delivery Directorate.

ERSA members can submit questions in advance of the session via

North West                     
9 November 10-11.30am

10 November 10 – 11.30am

London & Home Counties
12 November, 10.30am – 12pm

*With regret, these meetings are limited to ERSA members only

ERSA membership might be more accessible than you think
Membership is per organisation, with unlimited staff access to services and events, rates start from £300 for the next 12 months. Information on joining the voice of employment support can be found at case you missed it

Prior Notice of DWP Tier 3 and Flexible Support Fund Dynamic Purchasing System 2 (FSF DPS 2) – Market Engagement Activity

Meet the Primes of CAEHRS 

DWP’s new framework for employment and health related services announced

ViewPoint: Careers Expertise in a Time of Crisis – Rethink Current Payment by Results (PBR)
March 30, 2020

By Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Director, DMH Associates & Associate Fellow, University of Warwick IER.

Across England, National Careers Service Prime Contractors are facing imminent collapse at a time when their support services and expertise are most needed in local communities, Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE warned today.

Dr Deirdre Hughes

Careers England has been in conversation with government about practical and ‘common sense’ ways of ensuring Careers Companies do not financially collapse in this time of national crisis. The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) model of payment by results (PBR) which includes undertaking face-to-face and group sessions is now unworkable. Other DfE funded initiatives such as the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) have slackened their PBR rules and organisations such as the National Lottery Fund are actively trying to support their providers. Equity and fairness in these difficult times is essential.

Careers Companies are monitoring job losses and opportunities, they are also using technology to provide moral and practical support to people who have suddenly lost their income and/or livelihood. These companies are working extremely hard to identify and mitigate the risks that CovID-19 poses but they are already experiencing a significant impact which is only likely to get worse:

  • All staff are working remotely to comply with Government Guidance, many will have to be furloughed as there is not enough work to be undertaken virtually and no funds to pay their salaries.
  • Job centres are working remotely and are only dealing with claims for Universal Credit, which they are deluged with. Making referrals to the National Careers Service is not a priority. They are the biggest referrer to the National Careers Service and therefore the impact on the PBR contract is significant.
  • There are concerns about the viability of some sub-contractors, for example, some have temporarily shutdown
  • All planned events have been cancelled (rightly so) which impacts significantly on Careers Companies’ ability to claim PBR funding from the ESFA unless this stringent approach is relaxed.
  • The largest PBR payments relate to the achievement of Jobs and Learning Outcomes, staff are finding not surprisingly that customers think it is insensitive to be asked if they have managed to find work or training opportunities at this time.

Many Careers Companies are charities and have very little in the form of reserves to call upon. They are all experiencing a reduction in income from the National Careers Service work and the rate of reduction is accelerating. Some companies are trying to secure bank loans to help with cash flow and enable continued trading but this is proving difficult primarily as they have few assets to offer as security.

The ESFA needs to step up and adopt a common sense approach in this unprecedented situation to help Careers Companies survive the challenging months ahead and to ensure that they are in a position to support the many people across England whose jobs and livelihoods will be affected by this crisis. 

The support needed includes:

  • a relaxation of the PBR element of the contract and compliance rules – as a temporary measure
  • an adoption of a payment on profile for a limited number of months
  • a broader definition of priority groups given a large percentage of the population will be affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

When this pandemic is over, young people and adults will need reliable and impartial careers information, advice and guidance which offers hope, guidance and opportunity. Most importantly, individuals will need to be able to ‘put bread on the table’ and thrive in a new social and economic landscape.

National Careers Service – New Contracts Awards
July 25, 2018

Below is a list of the new NCS areas and contractors (notice the subtle geographical changes – south central area has disappeared altogether and Cumbria is part of the service in the NE).

There will now be a period of transition activity to make sure there is a continued high-quality service for the remainder of current contracts, and to ensure that the new contractors are in place and ready to deliver the National Careers Service from 1 October 2018. 

  1. National Careers Service East of England and Buckinghamshire and National Careers Service East Midlands and Northamptonshire to be delivered by Futures Advice
  2. National Careers Service London and National Careers Service West Midlands to be delivered by Prospects
  3. National Careers Service North West to be delivered by Growth Company
  4. National Careers Service North East and Cumbria to be delivered by EDT
  5. National Careers Service South East to be delivered by CXK
  6. National Careers Service South West to be delivered by Adviza
  7. National Careers Service Yorkshire and Humber – further information will be provided in due course