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Webinar Recording: Gatsby Benchmark 8
February 25, 2019

Personal career guidance describes the one-to-one support that is given to individual students by a careers adviser, to help them make choices about future options

Since 2012 schools and colleges have been required to secure access to impartial career guidance for students from Year 8 to Year 13.

Gatsby Benchmark #8 sets an expectation that all students will have a career guidance interview with a professionally qualified careers adviser by age 16 and the opportunity for a further such interview between 16 and 18.

In this webinar, David Andrews will define personal career guidance and discuss professional practice.

He will discuss various approaches to providing career guidance, both through internally appointed advisers and through commissioning services from external providers. He will also cover links with tutoring, mentoring and wider pastoral and student support, and approaches to referring students for guidance.

Access the Webinar HERE


  1. please could you send me all of the webinar slides for the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as I would really find them valuable. I only found out about the webinars today #8.

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