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What is the Rickter Scale®?
October 16, 2016


matrix Practitioner Christine Smart shares her understanding of the Rickter Scale.The “

The “Rickter Scale®”  is a complete assessment and action planning process based around a hand-held interactive board. The board is designed specifically to measure soft indicators and distance traveled.  It provides the user with a point of focus and engages individuals very effectively… so I am told!  It also encourages them to take responsibility for their development. The individual can explore possibilities, make informed choices and set a realistic action plan.

Ultimately this tool demonstrates the genuine movement that individuals achieve from a potentially chaotic lifestyle to one of stability.”

A useful web link is: http://www.rickterscale.com/what-we-do/the-rickter-scale

  1. I was trained to us this tool a long time ago. It is a fantastic resource and can genuinely measure distance travelled. It is based on Prochaska and DiClemente’s Change Cycle and has a theoretical base. I have used it with young offenders as well as managers for company evaluation as the criteria for discussion can be changed to meet the needs of the audience.

    I love it and find that particularly for young people with potential aggression issues, it gets them to concentrate on the board, as it is a physical piece of equipment, rather than keeping eye contact with the adviser, which can cause stress.

    There’s an article written here which evaluates the tool:http://www.rickterscale.com/assets/docs/Rickter%20Paper%20Dr%20Deirdre%20Hughes%20Master%2017%20Nov%202010.pdf

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