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World-Class Apprenticeship Standards
August 25, 2016

The International Centre for Guidance Studies, College of Education University of Derby and Pearson UK have published a research report  – World-class apprenticeship standards: Report and recommendations.

The aim of this research was to identify world-class apprenticeship standards and to make suggestions as to how these could be applied to the English system. World-class means that the standards described are acknowledged to be among the best in the world. Thirteen indicators for world-class apprenticeship standards were identified through the research and these have been divided into four sub’sections: (1) training, (2) skills and expertise, (3) recognition and (4) progression.

The findings from the research suggest that world-class apprenticeship standards require:

  • extended apprenticeships of between three and four years
  • broad and in-depth scientific and industrial skills and knowledge
  • the presence of a ‘master’ in the company to train an apprentice
  • high-quality knowledge-based education and training
  • recognition through an occupational title on completion of the training
  • apprentices to acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in an occupation
  • apprentices to become skilled workers in an occupational area with a critical and creative approach and
  • progression routes into employment as well as into further education and training.

To access the full report Click Here

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