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Your matrix 3-year Accreditation Review Assessment Journey
July 16, 2018

Is your matrix 3-year accreditation review assessment due this year – then the following flowchart might be helpful.

Assessment Services recommend you consider the below action points when preparing for your accreditation review assessment.

You may wish to complete a Self-Assessment, to ensure there are no gaps in your evidence and consider any changes that have taken place within your organisation in the last 36 months.

If you are happy with your progress and are ready to book your assessment review, advance on to the online booking form – http://matrixstandard.com/online-booking-form/ but before you do, please see below the key points to consider when booking your review assessment;

  • Be aware of your accreditation review date to ensure your preferred assessment dates due by the anniversary date.
  • Allow 12 weeks for your preferred assessment dates, in order to give us sufficient time to work with you to plan your reassessment.
  • Please remember we cannot formally confirm and book your onsite dates until all fees are paid.
  • Booking your assessment in advance (i.e. 3months before your review date) means you can secure your Assessors’ availability.
  • If you have had major changes take place within your organisation since your last Continuous Improvement Check, and you are unsure how this impacts your accreditation, then please do contact us or your Assessor for support.

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